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Take Our Hometown Tour

What Inspired Le Petit Marseillais Body Care Products

Open your eyes and soak up the warm Mediterranean sunlight and the amazing colors surrounding you. Le Petit Marseillais® has been capturing the ingredients, scents and colors of this gorgeous region from the very beginning. Let us take you on a hometown tour, as we show you the birthplace of our joie de vivre—joy of life.

You’re in the heart of Provence and quaint villages surround you. Rustic stone homes fill the valley, with vineyards and lavender fields in the distance. Enjoy this scenery as you stroll with cheerful sunflowers and bright red Poppies alongside you. The never-ending nature and bright blue skies make any day spent in Provence a beautiful one.


Follow the bees and take a deep breath: no need to open your eyes to find lavender! Indisputably the flower of Provence, lavender fields fill the countryside. Originating from west of the Mediterranean basin, lavender was first treasured by the Romans.

Scents that Inspired Le Petit Marseillais


Present in every Provencal village is the olive in its many forms, as an oil or as an aperitif, either black or green. If you are lucky enough to visit a village of Provence on market day, expect to leave with an armful of local produce and herbs.

Flavors that Inspired Le Petit Marseillais


Lovers of old stones will adore the villages of Provence. Whether you’re passionate about architecture or nature, there’s something for everyone in Provence.

Sights that Inspired Le Petit Marseillais


Hear that? It’s the soothing sound of cicadas humming in the summer night. By day you’ll hear crickets, birds chirping, bursts of laughter and maybe even water flowing in nearby fountains.

Sounds that Inspired Le Petit Marseillais